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Gordon Wood Optical and Gordon Wood Eye Associates are your trusted source for specialized safety eyewear designed to safeguard your vision during both recreational activities, occupational tasks, and industrial work. With a track record of excellence, Gordon Wood Optical has extensive experience in dispensing safety glasses for renowned companies such as Apotex Inc., Hydro Corp., Magna Inc., and many more. Our commitment to safety is unmatched.

Our Safety Eyewear Features:

Sports-Specific Protection: Whether you're an athlete, adventurer, or sports enthusiast, we provide safety eyewear designed for your favourite activities. From impact-resistant goggles for extreme sports to shatterproof lenses for racquet sports, our options keep your eyes safe without compromising your performance.

Occupational Safety: For professionals working in demanding environments, we offer safety eyewear solutions that meet industry standards and regulations. Collaborating with Hoya Safety Division and 3M products, we ensure that you receive the best-designed safety glasses with proper side shield attachments for maximum protection. ANSI standards are rigorously met, and impact-resistant lenses are a standard feature to guarantee your safety while you work.

Customized Comfort: Safety eyewear should not only protect your eyes but also offer comfort during extended wear. Our expert team will ensure a perfect fit and adjust your eyewear to maximize comfort and safety.

Stylish Designs: Safety doesn't mean sacrificing style. Our safety eyewear combines form and function, offering a selection of fashionable frames and lens tints that suit your personal taste while keeping your eyes safe.

Prescription Safety Lenses: If you require vision correction, we provide safety eyewear with prescription lenses to ensure you have clear and accurate vision while staying protected.

Durability: Our safety eyewear is built to withstand the rigors of sports, industry, and demanding work environments. You can trust in the quality and longevity of our eyewear options.

Prioritize your eye safety during sports, work, and industrial activities with our specialized safety eyewear. Protect your vision without compromising on style, comfort, or performance. Contact Gordon Wood Optical and Gordon Wood Eye Associates today to explore our extensive range of safety eyewear options and ensure the well-being of your eyes in any situation.