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Gordon Wood Optical, founded in 1964, initially operated as a retail division of the Imperial Optical Company, a pioneering establishment founded by Percy Hermant in 1900. Imperial Optical, a trailblazer in optical goods manufacturing and distribution in Canada, later granted Gordon Wood independent shares, solidifying its status as an autonomous entity. With unwavering dedication, it cultivated a distinguished reputation within York Region.


  • Gordon Wood Optical gained renown for its expertise in fitting glasses for aphakia patients post-cataract procedures.
  • Serving as a beacon of hope for Pine Ridge residents, a facility for individuals with developmental disabilities, Gordon Wood Optical provided improved vision to many. Although the original landmark on Yonge Street and Bloomington Road remains, the location has transformed into the Ministry Of Transportation.
  • Our sunglasses underwent rigorous testing by the Atmospheric Environment Agency in their experimental laboratories, meeting stringent standards for UV400 protection in space.
  • Notable local Richmond Hill politicians developed warm and enduring relationships with Gordon Wood Optical for their prescription eyewear.
  • Aspiring student opticians received valuable training at our establishment.


In 2013, Evelyn retired, leaving Rob as the sole owner of Gordon Wood Optical. Emulating Gordon's people-centric approach, Rob remains attentive to concerns and proactive in finding resolutions. His innovative spirit and openness to change define our daily operations.

In 2022, Gordon Wood Eye Associates, a subsidiary of Gordon Wood Optical, commenced operations in Midtown Toronto at the intersection of Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue. This comprehensive eyecare clinic fosters collaboration between doctors and opticians, providing genuine patient care services and top-notch products to the Toronto community. Our mission is to empower everyone to see their best and unlock their fullest potential.