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Children are special customers to us.  We have an area of the store just for them.  All of our "Kids Packs" include double-sided scratch-resistant, ultraviolet filtering lenses.  We use only top-quality hinge frames in a wide array of colours and styles to ensure durability during usage.

Add-ons are available: anti-reflection coating, blue light filter coating, transitions, tints etc.  We specialize in children myopia control.  If you are interested in a noninvasive approach to reduce or stabilize your child's nearsightedness, let us know.  For more information on children myopia - nearsighted- control, please click here.

All children's eyewear comes with a complete, comprehensive 2-year guarantee against breakage or scratching of the frame or lenses.  Combine this with our experience of fitting children – our youngest patient was 3 months old when we first fit him with glasses – and you can rest assured you are getting the best for your child.

Start your child's eye protection early. Children's eyes are more vulnerable to damage from the sun because the cornea, lens and fluids are clear, allowing more light to reach the retina. Most of the life's UV abosorption takes place in the childhood.