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You sat on your glasses, car rolled over your glasses, have a set of broken frames...? Do not worry! Drop by with your spectacles and we will give you an honest appraisal, and if we can fix it, a firm quote.

​We are affiliated with an extremely skilled lab that have mastered the art of soldering broken frames together. We can reshape your existing lenses into a new frame in store, giving you an updated look without the cost of new lenses. We also carry a large inventory of older frame parts, and can often repair your eyewear at a fraction of the cost of new glasses. We can add or remove tints, add or strip anti-reflection coating, remove paint or varnish splashes from lenses, and sometimes can even polish out scratches in lenses.

​We also offer a tune-up service. This includes complete disassembly of your glasses, an ultrasonic cleaning bath for the frame and lenses, and then a reassembly, replacing any parts necessary, such as nose pads and screws. This is followed by a bench alignment, and then a complete refitting by one of our licensed opticians. The cost for this service is moderate, but it will make your glasses look and feel like new again.