Myopia Awareness: More Focus, Less Squint

Myopia Awareness Week is just around the corner, shining a spotlight on nearsightedness and the importance of eye health. With approximately 30% of the world's population affected by myopia, it's a widespread issue that deserves attention.

During this week, take a moment to consider your eye health. Are you giving your eyes the care they need, especially in our screen-filled world? Remember to take breaks from digital devices, go outside, and let your eyes rest.

Spread awareness by sharing information about Myopia Awareness Week with friends and family. Encourage everyone to prioritize their eye health and get regular check-ups.

Let's embrace Myopia Awareness Week as an opportunity to focus on our vision and ensure we're seeing the world as clearly as possible. Even if glasses or contacts are part of the equation, remember: 

Clear vision is always in style! 

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