Bedazzled Eyes and Vision Part 2

Recap the ocular health problems that may arise from over exposure to the sun's strong UV rays here. 

It is important to protect ourselves under sunlight. UV is at its highest when and where the sun’s rays are the strongest. It will be the highest around noon on a clear sunny day, even more so during summer months. UV levels are higher near reflective surfaces, such as snow or sand.

Wide brim hat helps protect your face and eyes from the sun's harmful UV radiation

Block UV with protective clothing. Wear a wide brim hat.  Sunglasses must have 100%  UV400 protection. The American Academy of Ophthalmology notes that many individuals forget to wear sunglasses that have a label that says protect 99% of UV radiation for eye protection. Also, only approximately 25% of Canadian population wears UV protective eyewear. These numbers are alarmingly low.

Gordon Wood Optical is here to advise and support the best for your eyes because vision is one of the most crucial sensory organs anyone can have. Our reliance on our sight is more than we believe and when we were young, we tend to take things for granted. Good habits go a long way.

Coatings you may consider to add on your prescription lenses are: UV400 filter if the lens material do not come readily with the protection, polarization sunglass lens, photogrey transitions light intelligent colour changing technology.  There are numerous creative ways to protect your eyes from UV.  Tell us about it and our eyewear consultants will find a solution.  Check out our sunglasses and lens options to protect your eyes.  The longevity of your eyes is important because it is the sensory organ that we rely on the most!