What's New in Lenses?

New innovations in eyeglass lenses have greatly improved the ability to see in common environments and conditions.

Computer Lenses

Conventional near-vision glasses only provide you with limited "intermediate" viewing. This means you can read comfortably, but anything happening beyond the cover of your book is a blur.

Several manufacturers have developed lenses which provide both near and intermediate vision, providing optimized sight beyond that of conventional reading glasses.

When reading, the proper head and body posture are important. When working at a computer, it is critical to maintain the proper head and body posture to avoid a multitude of health problems.

Progressive and bifocal lens users lift their heads 20 degrees when they are working on a computer. This is because they need to use the middle and bottom of their lens areas to see what they are doing. As a result, they suffer from strained neck and shoulder muscles.

Lenses designed to be used for the computer will eliminate the strain of "swapping" or peering over your glasses. Instead, they will provide you with the most comfortable near and intermediate vision without any added strain to you or your eyes.

Although useful for a computer, this type of lens design is also great for many other activities. They can be used as a replacement for regular reading glasses, work well for sewing, woodworking, playing the piano, drawing, cooking - any activity that requires you to focus at distances between 12 inches and about 6 or 7 feet.

These lenses are also available with a glare-reducing tint, and anti-reflection coating can be applied if desired.

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