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What's New in Frames?
New trends and styles are always coming along in eyeglass frames.

More and more of the frame manufacturers are creating frames made of titanium. Originally created for the aerospace industry, it has entered the optical world to offer an unquestionably superior product in terms of lightness, sturdiness and biocompatibility.

Corrosion Resistance
Titanium is as resistant to corrosion and erosion as platinum. It's absolutely impermeable by skin oils and acids due to the passive protection provided by the oxide which forms on its surface, acting as a barrier between skin and the frame.

Frames made of titanium are about one-half the weight of those made of the more traditional materials. In spite of this lightness, they are far stronger than other frames.

Titanium frames will not deteriorate over time. The finish will never lose its luster, and because the metal itself is stronger, they need less adjustment than regular frames.

Titanium will not cause an allergic reaction to your body and is completely non-toxic. It is used in other fields such as orthopedics, surgery, undersea structures, and the food industry. As well as all this, nickel, which many people are allergic to, is not used in the production of titanium frames.

We have a large selection of frames made of titanium. We even have some that come with a matching magnetic clip to make them into sunglasses. Drop by and one of our opticians will be happy to show you what is available for your new glasses.

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